Our services

Our offering and expertise includes:

  • Project management of transactions from initiation to close: acquisitions, ventures, disposals, BEE, debt financing, corporate and debt restructuring
  • Financial modelling, valuations, desktop research, business and financial reviews
  • Information documents and analysis for external parties (e.g., disposals, financing)
  • Information documents for internal approval processes
  • Scoping and managing due diligence processes, including data rooms for disposals
  • Negotiation and drafting of terms and agreements
  • Interaction with and co-ordination of investment banks, lawyers, accountants, tax advisors and other transaction parties
  • Overseeing regulatory processes
  • Monitoring conditions precedent and ensuring that transactions are fully implemented
Marsden accountability matrix table

Outsourced Corporate Finance

We provide expert resources as well as executive input and oversight on Corporate Finance.

  • Distinct from a typical Investment Bank function:
    • Resources are located on site, are involved in the business and are driving transactions
    • Outsourcing provides capacity and support to CFO and/or existing internal corporate finance resource when short-staffed
  • Distinct from the internal CFO/FM role:
    • We provide dedicated focus
    • We act as an independent arbiter and provide expertise during the transaction process

Value and benefits we provide in corporate finance:

  • Proactive transaction sourcing and evaluation
  • Ownership, accountability and project management throughout transaction lifecycle – external services typically engage and disengage through the cycle
  • Dedicated focus – transacting is a winding, frustrating journey – momentum can be lost quickly and/or deal fatigue sets in
  • “Independent” arbiter and expert – not conflicted to do a transaction at any price but also inclined to find a “fair” deal for all parties
  • Experience managing the people dynamics within the company and with the other side
  • Targeted and cost-effective use of external experts (tax, DDR, legal)
  • Maintain institutional memory
  • Standardised methodology and transaction templates
  • Experience of reporting requirements for CFO/CEO, exco, investment committee, board


We can help you simplify your corporate structure and maximise benefits through Divisionalisation.

Commercial merits:

  • Provides flexibility to alter business groupings as developments arise
  • Centralisation and sharing of resources, including funding, IP, products, people
  • Facilitates shared services and cost efficiencies
  • Simplifies BEE ownership structures and ratings processes
  • Simplifies legal corporate structure
  • Significantly reduces statutory and regulatory costs
  • Minimises need for cross-guarantees on debt funding with businesses in one legal entity

Substantial tax benefits and simplification:

  • Avoids trapping tax losses (e.g., central/head office under-recoveries, new ventures)
  • Restructuring historic, non-tax deductible (non-productive) interest
  • Incubation and IP development tax efficiently
  • Interest on internal loan funding to acquire businesses into divisionalised entity will be deductible for tax purposes
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